Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Amelia Wu, MEd, CCC

Amelia Wu, MEd, CCC,  is a Canadian Certified Counsellor registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. In counselling, Amelia practices an integrative approach and utilizes various techniques including Dialectical- Behavioural, Cognitive-Behavioural, Person-Centered, Solution-focused, Emotion-focused, Art, and Mindfulness skills. With her background rooted in the traditional Chinese culture, Amelia is knowledgeable of the challenges that people face in a foreign environment, and potential generational and cultural gaps that exist in immigrant families. Hence, she can better help with issues resulted from cultural differences, enhance family relationship and increase immigrants’ level of psychological satisfaction. Amelia believes that everyone, and every family, has the strength within for healing and growth, and her role is to assist them to activate these inner resilience and build their skills to overcome obstacles on their way to a better life, foster personal growth and achieve life goals.

吴偲予是持有心理学学士学位和心理咨询硕士学位的加拿大注册心理咨询师。在工作中,她习惯运用综合疗法以及不同的技巧,例如: 辩证行为法,认知行为疗法,人物中心疗罚,解答聚焦治疗,情感集中治疗, 艺术疗法和觉知训练方法等,来帮助大家达到预期效果。传统的中国文化背景让吴偲予对移民在西方文化环境里面临的挑战,以及父母子女之间潜在的文化差异与代沟有着深刻的了解与体会。因此能够更好的帮助解决因为文化导致的各种问题,促进家庭关系,提升海外移民的心理满足感。吴偲予相信每个人,每个家庭,都有自我治愈和成长的心理潜力。她的角色就是协助他们挖掘这些内在的韧力,加强克服障碍的能力,促进个人成长继而更顺利的实现人生目标。

Languages: English, 普通话